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Mar 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
to be rescued by helicopter. amazingly, nobody was injured. >> that is amazing. an indiana mother was willing to sacrifice her own life to save for kids in the midwest. she saved her two children for not one, but to tornadoes on friday. she wrapped her children inside and put herself on top of them. it broke a seven of her lips and almost severed both of her legs as well. >> if nothing else happens, if i did not make it and i died right here today, then my kids were ok. >> the two traders were just minutes apart. her five-year-old son was able to run for help. she is hoping that she will be able to walk again with the hope of prosthetics. >> the snow and ice making quite a mess. this is not how you want to start monday morning commute. take a look. sliding on the ice. you know they did not see that coming. one after the other. this is in columbus, ohio. several spinoffs caught on tape. fortunate, nobody hurt. a lot of those cars wrecked. >> unbelievable. when you hit the ice, there is no stopping you. >> it is a terrifying feeling. you put yourself off the road sometimes. around here, i have
Mar 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
of an era for indiana. local sports fans are hoping it can be a new beginning in washington, however,. jummy olabanji is joining us to explain, from the satellite center. >> very big news. when the press conference started moments ago the owner started by saying we are here to talk about the conclusion of peyton manning career's with the indianapolis colts. it's no secret to the washington redskins need a quarterback. some fans want them to go with a veteran. there's no better free agent and peyton manning. yes or no to peyton manning? >> yes. >> he has won two afc championship and a super bowl. instead of keeping him for the remaining a full your years on his contract and paying a $28 million bonus if, -- remaining four years on his contract and $28 million bonus, they are letting him go. he has no intention of retiring. >> he was smart for staying out. he looks good. >> even though he appears to be fine in cell phone video from recent practice, some say the injury is not worth it. >> of baylor university quarterback is being talked about and the redskins are rumored to be looking at him.
Mar 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
been worse. a school bus is caught in the middle of a tornado in indiana earlier this month and a bus driver and 11 children safely escaped the eye of the storm by three minutes. the bus was thrown into the side of a diner. that is amazing there were no injuries. we want to get a look at the weather. >> it was a cold start this morning and we had a freeze warning and frost advisory and everything is being cancelled out now and the clouds rolled in sooner than we thought. look at our time lapse on this friday afternoon we have the clouds rolling in and they will stick around for a good part of the day and we may see some peaks of sunshine here and there but don't expect much and the clouds eventually will produce showers and periods of rain or later tonight. this is what looks like in rehoboth beach. a nice afternoon shaping up with plenty of sunshine out there. 50 degrees now at the airport and the wind is not a problem. 51 degrees in fairfax. upper northwest d.c. is still in the mid-40's and or. >> is looking at 43 degrees. these are temperatures across the area and cooler temperatur
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3